The Adventures of Kevin and the Book

Part11: Well as he is ready to go to the realm that is dangerous to find the sword, she goes and tells the professor about it in the morning after spending the night with him. well she meets the professor and he tells” you are looking more beautiful today and your face is shining”. Well she blushes at the thought of kevin and her and tells professor about kevin that he discovered the book containing the details about the realm and the sword and its history and why it is dangerous to go to the realm. the professor just nods to the explanation and says that “well if he has discovered it then we should assemble everyone and discuss it with everyone and make a team that will go with him to the realm and help him to get the legendary sword and end the war between 2 clans. They gather everyone and well everyone seems to consider that it is about time we took the risk into going to our only option to get the sword and end the war that will bring loss to both the people. well they start to prepare to go into the realm as 6 member team is made to go their and safely retrieve the sword. well she wants to come but kevin tells her to stay here and protect everyone and wait for him to come. well at first she protest and then she agrees and hands him a shield to protect him. well the professor and the other leader opens the gates of water realm to get the legendary sword and end the dispute. Well so they enter the place and the portal closes behind the team and as he sees where he believes that why christie said that it was the last option available. meanwhile here all the people and professor are preparing for any situation if the other clan attacks them due to the sword, they must be ready……

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