Story Time!!!

The Adventures of Kevin and the Book

Part 12: Well as they planned to go to the realm, christie was worried about kevin and told him to stay alert and come back alive for her. He told her and the others to held the place and wait for him to come back with the sword. so they entered the realm through a portal with 4 powerful magic casters with him. When they entered the realm, he found the place strange as if they were standing at the entrance of the cave. he was astonished to see the markings on the walls as they walked in the cave. one of the magic casters told him that the sword is in the end of the cave and they need to be careful of the monster that is here and take the sword and get back to their place. meanwhile christie and professor were preparing everybody for the attack by their enemy at any time. as they were talking their plans and discussing with each other, suddenly an alarm sounded and it meant that they have attacked them from the front. the commander of their enemy spoke to them,” give us the sword and we will leave the place or else fight us”. the sword was not here but still the professor hurried up all the people and the were ready to fight the enemy as it has come in large numbers. While she hoped that kevin gets the sword, she was ready to face them and then the intense battle begin by their side and it was soon a magic and weapons battle and their commander and the enemy commander fought and she was surprised to see their power on next level. Kevin was walking in the cave and while walking he saw the legends about the sword and how it was found. when he was there and seeing the beast that guarded the lost sword, he knew the sword was important. as soon as he moved the beast moved and roared in front of him….

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