Fandango’s story starter

Today she would find out if her entire life was a lie.

Today she will find whether her life till was a lie or truth by going to the academy of magic situated in next city that her father kept telling about. well for 6 years she was homeschooled by her father and mother and learning her magic and reading about it and finally today she will get to know that magic world exists or not. standing in front of the doors it looked like a normal high school where students go, but suddenly it changed to a different place and she could see the name of the academy on its big double doors. only those with magic can see it and thus she believed it was real and entered the place and felt a tingle on her skin by the magic and the academy that was built by a great wizard 200 years ago and till this date it is situated here. well as she went to the front doors of the academy, she was greeted by the headmistress of the academy and there she goes to the magical world after training for 6 years. she was surprised to see the place and the structure of the place. she went to principal’s office and was greeted by a man that looked so young but is older than her. She started her day at the placve and meeting magical community for the first time and how they have kept hidden for 200 years until suddenly a earthquake came and she was taken by shock to see a storm outside and the staff and teachers protecting the place. finally when the danger was over, 154 people died including 3 senior student and everyone believed that it was the work of the dark magic and their enemy that has stayed silent for long. she is taken to the principal as she knew what was coming and went but as she went, the principal showed her the secret of the whole academy in his office that why was the attack today happened and how it was related to her.

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