The Adventures of KEVIN and the Book


While they were surprised by the attack from the enemy for the sword and their dominance, here kevin and his team were standing in front of a huge guard creature that was in front of the sword and they are were standing there in fear but kevin got ready to blast it with magic for christie and the others and thus the figt started between them and only he could fight the monster as the monster intercepted the others and only the king can hold the sword, it said to all. they fighted for long with kevin being pushed back because of the monsters power and the monster told them many people trying for the sword but no one was worthy and died in vain and asked him that is he worthy to be king of all and regain the piece and to this he answered with a blast and said yes he is as he recalled everyone fighting for him and waiting for them to come. he suddenly started pushing the guard back and one last fight with the guard and went to hold the sword in his hands and well the monster bowed before him as his appearance changed and he became the king of the word and they went back to the place and he stood between the battle and stopped the battle with two strikes of his sword and thus the enemy bowed before him but one of them attacked but was defeated and they retreated and thus it was hard fought victory for them and they found the sword and regained the peace and well it ends well and its time for him to go back to his own world as the story from the book ended and he says goodbye to all and kissed christie and comes back to his own world and smiled at the book and goes to playing football in the evening thinking of her.

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