Well i am back with a thriller series this time and so make sure to enjoy them and send out ideas for next stories type you would like


Part1: He was patiently waiting at the entrance of the airport for her as he was following her for about a month now. he knew where she goes and where she lives and also all her details. so far she will be his 2nd killing as he started killing because he hated girls like that as his own sister was taken away from him by them 5 years ago. he is listening to what she is saying to her co worker and and then will go tomorrow for a different journey, well that is not possible he is afraid as today in the night, he will take her away and never see her life again. then she sits in the taxi and so he also sits in the same taxi and then right before the driver started stopping, he struck him and then took her to his place to slowly kill her like he did before. In the morning, outside in the park, two people were running in park and suddenly tied to a tree, was the body of the girl dead and they panicked and called the police. chief john was on the crime scene and well he was thinking about the body, the way it was killed. in his career, this was the second time seeing such a case of a killer. he called his partner and soon they were checking the details about the murder of the girl and trying to identify who was she……

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