Well The Year 2022 goes with Happiness and we all recollect our memories how we spent this year and how to spent the new one. Well my year went well with football World Cup and full on studies and also the football world lost the greatest footballer of all time-Edson(Péle). The year went well for all of us and Hope the new year brings Happiness and wonders in our lives. Well this year will be full on blogging and studies too as I took a break from blogging so i will do it full on in 2023and it will be 2 years of this blog and it has been a wonderful journey of this blog and hope this continue into the coming years and once again thanks for everyone make it a wonderful journey of blogging for me.

Hope you like the post and like comment and Lets all go into new year with happiness and live the life and make it large guys.

Tribute the greatest footballer of all time RIP KING

Well 2022 went with record break of last year’s views and let’s see if we can break 2022 record in 2023 thank you everyone for the comments and views. It has been a great year and it is time to say it good byeee.


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