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Happy Holi/Dhuleti to all fellow Indian bloggers and well today is dhuleti the festival of colours and it is celebrated in many ways like organic colours, water holi the old one and well i prefer Water holi the most and there is also a saying in old days:”bura na mano Holi hai”. Well it is also the beginning to summer and it is a festival of enjoyment with friends and eat togetherand have fun.


the festival of colours and water

the festival to say goodbye to evil and welcome happiness.

The festival of fun and enjoyment.

The festival to mark the beginning of summer.

The festival that is celebrated because of prahlad the son of evil king hiranyakashyap and his sister.

The festival to enjoy the vacation of school after final exams.

The festival to play with friends and to chill out with them.

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A Court of silver flames by sarah j mass

The construction of the new house of feyre is complete and as nesta is wasting money as well as her life on drinking feyre calls her and changes all of that amd shifts her to the house of wind to work in library and train with cassian and she hates that and gets angry but agrees and live there and to start a new life there and her first day with cassian training goes bad for him and he heads for human lands to talk with jurian lucien and eris says his court soldiers  vanished while on patrol and they think human queens are making trouble again and nesta goes to the IIlyrian camp and there she talks with emerie and as usual routine of library and ther she meets Gwyn and she makes a bargaij with cassian for one hour of training and any favour from him and wow what away to make her do exercise  and now she is training with cassian and wants to train other priestesses of library and afterwards they get to know about braillyn movements and about the dead trove and three objects of terrible power the mask and the crown and the Harp and like calls to like and all make debate who can find the objects and nesta or elain and Feyre gives them the news of her being pregnant and all of them are as happy as you can think and the shield on her was for that reason and Nesta will try to find the objects by scrying and cassain and her develop love between them and after days of training and working in library  a name shows for the training and gwyn and then afterwards emerie also shows up at training and they become best friends and search for the trove and one night they all see the surface of true power of nesta silver fire and even Rhtsand is scared of it and it is unique and powerful and she attempts at scrying and finds the place where the mask is hidden and they  go out to get it and they bring it back with them and nesta wears and is able to control the  dead and the mask is warded and nesta emerie and gwyn continue their training with cassian and they learn the way of valkyrie as they read in a book and they get three of the most powerful swords in history and they go in search of the crown and the harp in the prison and meet the lanthys and they get the crown in a conflict with braillyn and they defeated her and gets the crown and nestaa goes to a bladesmith and sees how a sword is made and she also trie to make one and make a sword with powers of her in it and she names it ataraxia and   also she tells that the baby has wings to feyre and so she is told too get out of there she gies and camps with cassian in the mountains and also she visits the court of nightmare and she dances there.  cassain and az also meets kowchei as he has captured eris and then is tricked by braillyn cintols cassian and then tells him to kill nesta but instead she gets herself killed and crown is taken and nesta emerie and gwyn complete the valkyrie with breaking the obstacle course set by cassian and azriel and they are proud of it but devlon gets angry and make them participate in the blood rite where they find each other and figjt their way to the top of the mountain and cassain gets angry but can’t help it and they complete and  gwyn and emerie completed it while the time comes for the borth of the child and rhysand is shit angry and nesta uses all three of the objects ro save fetyre and she returns what she has taken from  the cauldron the power to save feyre and the child is born a boy with wings and is named NOX  and  and it is a well ending and a full thriller book and i like the part of nesta’s powers and the three objects of power and this isvtue ending book of the thriller series.

Honest review: this is the most thriller book of the series and a awewome ending and the powers of nesta and the three objects of terrible power and the imagination of the author is awesome with the way it described nesta here and the whole series is awewome and my favourite characters are feyre, rhysand and nesta and good love between cassian and nesta goes and a awewome ending the series aand hope you aall like it and like comment and follow the blog for more exciting novels. the book is https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YiAHpbrNSP-SToAcgYzVKeP9UFESSh2H/view?usp=drivesdk here


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