I thought of writing a poem….#12


stop thinking about past and live in the present

learn from the past but never repeat it

it’s a waste of time and mind to think on it and instead utilise to think about your future

Forget the past and move on and create a new life for yourself.

Leave the past behind and rise up with new hope to make your dream come true

people often think about former days of their that it was good .

It is good to recall the former days but not too much stop it and make your way towards the bright future.

stop thinking about past before it is too late and it fills you with both happy and bad memories.

let not the past scare you from facing the future and drown in the sea of regrets.

stop thinking about past and rise up to achieve your goals and don’t care about what people think and move in yor way.

Hope you all like the poem and stay tuned and follow the blog and stay motivated and live the life and achieve your dreams and Enjoy the journey of life.


previously i ended where luis is going for making his birthday with his friends and family and on his way he again encounters the strange building and he sees the light on in it and go to the building…. and also asked some suggestions for which way the story should turn but got none so i maked my own turn of it.


PART 2: As luis goes towards the building and finds out something strange about he decides to go inside and check it out by himself. Here christiana and his mother and father are waiting for luis and also his friends are waiting for the birthday boy but he instead goes inside the building to find something that he didn’t expected to see there as it was a whole big building there and beautiful too. He goes through the corridors of it to find some people inside it and he hears them talking and also sees that they are some dangerous people and in that time they see him and attack him with their magic and luis ducks and gets hold of a ring and book and he also attacks them suddenly and he tans out from there and run for his home and there he sees his parents and friends all waiting for him and his friends asks him where he jad been and he tells them a lie he got late from the football practice and changes and celebrates his birthday in style with family and friends and goes out for dinner and feels a different sensation in his body and thinks that ot maybe beacause of the ring and ignores it to avoid showing it too his friends and family and and later that night he is on his bed took out the book that he got from the building and sees that it is a book of magic containing spells and explanation of the power and history of the ring that he wore and suddenly the image of thre master of the ring comes alive and tells him about the ring and the people he saw there that they wanted to destroy his place and the town and also the master tells him where to go to find the man who can train him in the ring and he will meet his tem there and so luis is all shocked to listen and hear ot and liatens it and sleeps in the bed and wakes in the morning fro high school day and he feels different in his body and then he remember the ring and hides it and goes with christiana and the day goes as usual and then when he getsvhome he finds a map to the man who will train him and he decides to go in the evening if he has been chosen for this…

Hope you all like the secomd part of the story and like comment on where should the story go and follow the blog for marvellous stories and poems..

I thought of writing a poem….#11


Seeing you makes my day enlightened with happiness

Seeing you make my body stop and just admire your beauty

Seeing you make me want to touch you, to feel you, talk to you

I cannot take my eyes off you when seeing you.

Seeing you is like seeing the person whom i like the most

When seeing you, I wish we could just stay there and time should stop.

Seeing you is like seeing the moonlight itself.

Seeing you makes me feet to make you mine for whole life.

Seeing you is like to have a close person than best friend to talk and share something.

Seeing you is enough for my day to be amazing and the world stops and no other place is beautiful than you..

Hope you all like the poem as i tried to write it the romantic way and like comment and share and follow the blog for more exciting novels and poems

The Chronicles of kerrigan part2:


Summary: As last year Rae turned sixteen and got her tatù and learning the abilities of it and she develops a relationship with devon in the end of last year and this year year she comes back from summer holiday and back to guilder and devon. She gets to know about some HoC file from dean carter and molls is also back and she has got a car and molls and rae meet the newboes this year desiree and alecia and a new boy comes to guilder named kraigan and he is the guy with a kind of unique tatù and therebis the dance with roe hampton girls and a incident happens doorframe crashes on alecia and it was originally meant for rae but instead alecia and rae and devon goes to the dance and dean gets a hint that rae and devon like each other and warns rae to stay away from him and kraigan is getting to know his tatù and devon is out saome work for the academy and rae now helps kraigan to know about the council and molly goes to america with rae and shopping for her and molls has got a boyfriend in reece and it is their last semester and then they graduate from guilder and devon amd julian continue their work of privy council and she gets an email from her uncle about House of cards her father’s association kind of and a book that he gave her and she and it is very useful for the privy council tells devon and now it is stolen and she thinks who could have done that and now she hears that devon is kidnapped and dean needs her help in it and it is all done by the kraigan with his ability to absorb tatù and she finds out about it and she meets him in her room and he is his half-brother and the reality and he has comw to take revenge of simon kerrigan’s death and she find devon in kraigan room in a hotel and she saves him and take him with her out of there and back to the guilder she realizes the kraigan’s ability that he took molls tatù from her and there is the fighting between thenm and in the end and carter saves her and she steals his tatù too and she gets to know about him and her dad she takes the journal from him and she gets the medical treatment and devon too and kraigan is arrested and rae and devon both are safe and back to school and a big secret that carter is the president of the five member of the council….

Hope you all like the summary of the book and stay tuned for some exciting reviews as of my review of this book is this is one awesome world of tatù and the name of kerrigan amd ofcourse rae’s taù and her mind going against the rules and it is a good fantasy book to read..

Hope you all like it and stay tuned and like comment and follow the blog for some exciting reviews..

I thought of writing a poem….#10

Growing older

Growing older in life with the experiences

Growing older in life in age

Growing old of limbs and their function starts to decay

Growing older to remember the youth days and the past

Growing older to experience less of strength and hair

Growing older to give young people advices to make them go on right way

Growing older to see the world change in front of your eyes and remember your past time.

Growing older to feel the change in your body and to yake care of your body and wish that we could have done that !

Growing older with the increase in maturity level and understanding the things better than others

Growing older to take the responsibilities that are upon you and fulfill them as they have to be.

Growing older in life to see small childrens playing and remember old days and become a child with them.

Growing older to see what you have not seen and go where you wished in youth you will go someday.

growing older sure has its own advantages and disadvantages it all depends on the person and his/her life.

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The Kerrigan chronicles Part 1:

The Rae of Hope by WJ MAY

Summary: Rae kerrigan is sent to the guilder boarding school managed by the privy council by her uncle argyle and she goes there and she sees that the teacher in the school knew about her dangerous father :Simon kerrigan and she doesn’t want to become like her father and wants to good use to her powers that she will get from her tatù and she make her friend molly and they both live in the same room and she gets to devon and his friend and she meets her teachers madame elpis and also the headmaster at dinner and meets devon and molly and julian and all other pwoplwe and when they got to know her name it was like a full silence there in the students and she was unawate about her family her father or mother and she gets to know about them and about the privy council and devon is senior and assigned to tutor her about the privy and guilder their tatù past and she learns about her parents a littel more and then on molly’s birthday is there and also it is good for molly as she got her tatù and then there is the tutoring sessions with devon that she likes and then there is the annual school dance where the girls of roe hampton visited guilder and rae saw devon’s girlfriend outside of guilder and she feels jealous kind of and and she dances with him and the daus passes to the november and to her birthday that she is kind of excited as well as scared how she will treated by guilder because of her father and also she gets the letter from uncle argyle about the letter which her mother wrote to her when she was six for her sixteenth birthday and rae has to sleep in the infirmary on the night of her birthday and not evryone knows that her birthday comes on 13th not on 15th of november and she also gets to know about her father’s tatù that he could mimic other people’s tatù and use it on his own and as her original borthday sje gets what she was curious about but she doesn’t let anyone know on 13th and only on 15th everyone finds out about it her taù is ans finally on 13th she gets her tatù and it is mixture of her mother’s and a unique figure lay actoss her waist with wings she is full excited about ti and wants to know what it can do and she can just mimic like her father but a little differnt and she uses it and also excited for her birthday party and to see devon also and tell him about it and there is the alumni dinner before the Christmas break and the dean tells everyone about her ink and rae goes to molly’s house for the break and have fun with her and shopping in cardiff city and talking to molly’s father and also shopping with them and she likes the family of molly it is good and caring and after coming and the spring dance is there and lanford kidnaps her and tells her about her father’s HoC plans and she is trapped there and uses her tatù to help herselves and dean fight woth lanford to rescue her and talk to her afterwards and now devon’s father is the new dean and she goes back to her uncle and live some time with them before coming back in summer and devon tells her that he loves her and she also loves him and they keep it a big secret and So this book was the intrro of rae and amazing world and a good book toohope

Hope you all like the summary of the book and read the book if you like the summary and stay tuned for the for thr book 2 review and i honestly like the book and character of rae and the council and the guilder and tatù.

Monthly Wrap-up post:September

What a great month it has been and it went well with doing blogging and studying together and also going out of town to rajasthan and it was a short vacation kind of and reading novels and posting and reading awesome blogpost and i welcome new followers on this blog and in case you missed the month’s posts they are here:

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It was a good month with blogging and i posted 9 posts new high of post per month and good going because of all the viewers who appreciate my blog and thanks everyone and hope this month went well for all and let’s make the new month even better and So once again a big thanks to everyone .

I thought of writing a poem….#9


Hold onto the dreams

because without them the life will be a car without its tyre

Dream in life to achieve what you want

Dream is the hope of living our life and make it how you want.

Dream big in your life and make your life happy

Dreams, Some are possible to achieve and come true

Soem are not able to come true and some are those you fight for them

Dreams come into our mind with nothing to give but to shape the route of life and make it how we want

All should dream in their life to make it better and never stop dreaming and work hard to achieve them

As Just dreaming will not help you other than thinking in your minds.

Dream is like a future of yourself for which you have to work now in the present

this life is not meaningful without dreaming about future and always dream big and work to achieve it unless it is not achievable..

Hope you all like poem and keep dreaming high in your lives and remain happy and stay tuned for exciting poems and follow the blog and like comment and share


As seen bloggers around doing their own story write up so i also decided to make my own story and publish them here and improve my creativity in it and seen that the story around ate quite popular too so i also add this to my content of the blog.


PART I:THE INTRODUCTION Luis and christiana

Louis and christiana are brother and sister amd live in new york city with their mom and dad levy and amy. They all live happily in new york and luis and christiana both go to st.petersburg high school and both are in grade 11th. Thay have paul, Jacob, sherman, emma ,lily and jenny as friends in the school and they all meet with each other on sundays and are good in academics. On one fine day they all were going to high school in as usual routine and they all noticed a strange building on their way to school like it was a strange atmosphere going through it but in their way to school and talks they all ignored it and they got to school and regular day and coming back and they go to their part time work place and luis goes to football club of new york and plays well as a player as there is the culture of working part time when you are in high school and they all go to their respective place and while on training Luis thinks about the place he encountered in the morning but soon let it be and plays his game and go to home and dinner with parents and talk with sister about it little and playing and studying and going off to bed. It is June month and it is luis’s birthday at the end of the month and it is all going happily and as usual routine of school and and walks with friends and waiting eagerly for his birthday as he likes his birthday the most to celebrate with friends and gamily and he is also a good football player too and goes to his club for practice in the evening and he again notices the building and feels something weird about it and his girlfriend emma comes and he leaves from there and goes with her and they both go a park and sit and plan ablut his birthday on 30th june and emma has planned the party and he goes back and to his home and as usual everything goes normal routine until the day of his Birthday when he wakes up and gets a watch at his bed by whom he doesn’t know and jhe thinks about the house and he was thinking when just he sister wished him and he gets ready for school and his mum and dad also doesn’t know about the watch they say let it be boy and enjoy your day and he goest to school and meets with emma and his friends at school and they celebrate in the canteen and the party is planned at his house and he is all happy mood and goes to club and is greeted and training and while on his way back he sees the light of th e the building again and he thinks of going in but is caught by his sister and tells him to come to home it is his birthday and he needs to get ready too and so he goes there and the party starts and all of his friends come adn also emma and they all celebrate kt with cake and dinner outside with them and it is a good birthday party for him and he enjoys it with them and and his family and at night he goes to home when he thinks he is called to that strange building and he goes there……

I have thought for months to write my own story and so this is the part one of it and hopes it gets on well and tell me in comments which way should the story go and hope you like it and stay tuned and follow the blog for whole Story!!!.

The Tethering by Megan o Russell

Summary: Jacob evans is not a normal kid but he doesn’t know in the starting and lives with a father who does odd jobs to earn and jacob himself earns somewhat to keep him fed and he goes to school and he meets emilla grey in the school and they become good friends and talk to each other and eat with each other and he likes her too until she goes away and he is left alone there in the school and then until one day in the school he is called by the principle and told that in an accident his father is dead and he accidently used magic aand took out glass of school and he rans to his house and emilla comes to pick him up and they go to her house the mansion and he enters the magical world and meets the family of Emilia no father and mother but all are like ramily and there he talks to professor Evans and molly and professor teaches him the spells and the history of magic where as isadora teaches him how to control it and learning magic and jacob is exceptionally well at learning and learning fatser and he learns about tetjering bond between two people and that dexter and emilla both love each other and in the light of a attack on dam there is a emergency council meeting and jacob too has to go and on the flight they meet a person of dragons and causing turbulence in plane and emilla stopped it and they go there and he is proved innocent and they go for a musical there and now there is a attack on graylock reserve and it seems that their leader was mr. wayland and now emilla is kidnapped and maybe emilla is with them and jacob and samuel go to find her altogether they go to place a kind of cave and emilla finds out her father has kidnapped her and to do the tethering with dexter and samuel and jacob go there to rescue her and jacob enters the cave and fights with domina and goesto save emilla from tethering to dexter and instead he gts involved and they both find their way out of the place with jacob doing magic without wand and he does it and samuel runs there to save larkin but they come to know afterwards and thay go to house and jacob tells everything to Iz and all are at home and it is like jacob is tethered to emilla now and that’s the end to the story and hope you all like it and it is a very short story and continued in the next part of the series.

Honest reviews: this was a short book and a good story of jacob and emilla and his way into the magical world and how he learns the magic and he is in love with emilla and the family of Emilia is also great and so this is a book which can be read but with the whole series with you.

I thought of writing a poem….#8

Feeling Of Getting lost in a Book

Have you lost in a book and forgot what the time is

It is a feel like entering a new world and not caring about time

We feel like in a new place and we just go on reading it and imagining it too

It is like we are in the story and a part of it and imagine the story in real

You take so much interest in it that we just go on reading it till we reach the end of the story and we pull out of it

We go to the depth of the sea of book and feel it and we are not in our world , place and time and we reach the book’s time and we feel the emotions in it and finish the story .

We come to reality and sitting on the chair and same place and nothing has changed and it feels like a awesome experience by reading the book.

It feels like just go on and on till we finish the story and it is a great satisfaction it and we get sad when we are pulled out in the middle of the awesome story.

Getting lost in a book is just like doing hard work in studies to achieve a goal and then time doesn’t matters there and here also time goes by and we read the book and lost in it..

Getting lost in your favourite book or novel is surely a great feeling and Hope you all like the poem and like comment and share and follow the blog for more exciting poems..

A Court of silver flames by sarah j mass

The construction of the new house of feyre is complete and as nesta is wasting money as well as her life on drinking feyre calls her and changes all of that amd shifts her to the house of wind to work in library and train with cassian and she hates that and gets angry but agrees and live there and to start a new life there and her first day with cassian training goes bad for him and he heads for human lands to talk with jurian lucien and eris says his court soldiers vanished while on patrol and they think human queens are making trouble again and nesta goes to the IIlyrian camp and there she talks with emerie and as usual routine of library and ther she meets Gwyn and she makes a bargaij with cassian for one hour of training and any favour from him and wow what away to make her do exercise and now she is training with cassian and wants to train other priestesses of library and afterwards they get to know about braillyn movements and about the dead trove and three objects of terrible power the mask and the crown and the Harp and like calls to like and all make debate who can find the objects and nesta or elain and Feyre gives them the news of her being pregnant and all of them are as happy as you can think and the shield on her was for that reason and Nesta will try to find the objects by scrying and cassain and her develop love between them and after days of training and working in library a name shows for the training and gwyn and then afterwards emerie also shows up at training and they become best friends and search for the trove and one night they all see the surface of true power of nesta silver fire and even Rhtsand is scared of it and it is unique and powerful and she attempts at scrying and finds the place where the mask is hidden and they go out to get it and they bring it back with them and nesta wears and is able to control the dead and the mask is warded and nesta emerie and gwyn continue their training with cassian and they learn the way of valkyrie as they read in a book and they get three of the most powerful swords in history and they go in search of the crown and the harp in the prison and meet the lanthys and they get the crown in a conflict with braillyn and they defeated her and gets the crown and nestaa goes to a bladesmith and sees how a sword is made and she also trie to make one and make a sword with powers of her in it and she names it ataraxia and also she tells that the baby has wings to feyre and so she is told too get out of there she gies and camps with cassian in the mountains and also she visits the court of nightmare and she dances there. cassain and az also meets kowchei as he has captured eris and then is tricked by braillyn cintols cassian and then tells him to kill nesta but instead she gets herself killed and crown is taken and nesta emerie and gwyn complete the valkyrie with breaking the obstacle course set by cassian and azriel and they are proud of it but devlon gets angry and make them participate in the blood rite where they find each other and figjt their way to the top of the mountain and cassain gets angry but can’t help it and they complete and gwyn and emerie completed it while the time comes for the borth of the child and rhysand is shit angry and nesta uses all three of the objects ro save fetyre and she returns what she has taken from the cauldron the power to save feyre and the child is born a boy with wings and is named NOX and and it is a well ending and a full thriller book and i like the part of nesta’s powers and the three objects of power and this isvtue ending book of the thriller series.

Honest review: this is the most thriller book of the series and a awewome ending and the powers of nesta and the three objects of terrible power and the imagination of the author is awesome with the way it described nesta here and the whole series is awewome and my favourite characters are feyre, rhysand and nesta and q good love between cassian and nesta goes and a awewome ending the series aand hope you aall like it and like comment and follow the blog for more exciting novels. the book is https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YiAHpbrNSP-SToAcgYzVKeP9UFESSh2H/view?usp=drivesdk here


Yes, you all heard it right in 7 months novels around the world has got 600 views and 200+likes and added to the word press community and thanks to all for your appreciation and likes and stay tuned to this blog for awesome poems and novels and i thank to all fellow bloggers for following this blog and i also like this while wordpress community and enjoy reading the blogs and so thank you everyone and stay safe and enjoy reading novels…

I thought of writing a poem…#7


money is the principle on which the world is moving

If you have money,you have power and it is also harmful in the form of bribe.

the person with more money is rich and with very less is poor and the hardwork to get that money is something not everyone thinks about

Not all are able to get more money as money also says if you are talenyed and worth it than i will come to you

we all work hard to earn money and for a better living standards in our lives and it also is dangerous as it contols and makes us fight with each other

no one hands out money easily without question and no one dares to give more and may fight with someone if got less

but it can not gives us the true happiness or a pollution free environment or make the sorrow disappear

though if used correctly can give you peace of mind and happiness by donating it to poor and you can live happily.

Money comes with time and the more you did hardwork in achieving it the more you get of it.

Money can change the people’s mind as can make them cruel and criminals aand as well as good person who know how to use it well..

Money can buy you bed but not sleep and luxuries but not culture and it cannot give you health but medicine and also can ruin our life..

money can make you full of greed if not cared and is created my man and is ruling the men who made it..

Hope you all like the poem and like comment and follow the blog and use your money well and don’t let it control you..

A Court of frost and starlight by sarah j mass

Summary: As the whole bog battle is over and all have gone to their courts and recovering by the damages made by the battle, and building ties with other courts and preparing for the winter solstice and feyre’s birthday adn as a high lady she has to do answer the letters of other courts and Nesta is still angry with feyre about their father and her fae life and she lives away from them and live her life as she wants music and drinking and as the Winter solstice eve came all drinking and talking and celebrating the eve and next comes the Solstice and feyre’s birthday and holiday there and after the war for the first time nesta visits them but for one reason her rent of apartments as she is staying away from them and feyre and rhysand mqke love at the night and they love each other very much and rhysand gifts feyre a whole estate to build the dream house to live with all of them in one house and she gets the studio from polina family and she starts painting classes there and to express their mind into painting and yen kids come and do painting or more ito say try to and feyre just likes doing painting too and this book was more of a post war times and her birthday and thir future together and it was overall a birthday of feyre and the best gift that rhysand gave to her..

So it was a good book to describe post war time and a good birthday of feyre and celebrations of the night court and other things and hope youblike that and stay tuned to the blog for the last book and the secomd awesome book of the series.. here is the book

I thought of writing a poem…#6


Life is the rollercoaster that we all sit when we are born

It is kind of similar to it as there are highs and lows in here too

we all have our different journeys decided and all have a place grater than we think

Life is neither good nor bad it is us humans who make it good or bad it is equal for all

Some people wish life to be easy but it is not easy it is all about highs and lows thay it gives and whta a person makes it

Life is given to us, live the life and enjoy in its journey as ultimately we all die one day but we decide whether it is heaven or hell

Life teaches us many lessons during the journey and making it good is filled with good memories and happiness

Always do what it take to make your life good as you don’t know what will happen next and live the life by acknowledging all phases of life

Life is full of challenges to face, be brave and face them all and admire the beauty of life how it goes and a adventure that you will never forget until you die

Life is a series of incidents ever changing and adapting and embrace the wonderful life and never quit and always live with joy of living the life

It is a thrilling ride with not knowing of future and living the present and enjoy it and be thankful for the life we have and worth your every day..

Hope you like hte poem and like comment and share and live the life that you remember and follow the blog and stay tunee for awesome poems and live a happy life!!!

Monthly Wrap-up post : August

Hello everyone,and this is the monthly Wrap-up post for people who have missed post from the blog, you can check it here and what a month it went with writing poem to new novel series review and welcome to all new followers on novels around the world

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A court of wings and ruins by sarah j mass

Summary: As feyre is in Spring court and tamlin is fooled by her that the mate bond is broken but not and feyre is there and talking to rhysand through mind and telling him about what is going on here and she is in rage over tamlin and very much angry and hears elain cries as she was forced into cauldron and sees nesta’s death promise to him and feyre lives with tamlin gathering info on the cauldron and possible attacks of the king and sending it to rhysand and she celebrate the summer solstice with them and with two hybern royals and jurian here to keep the alliance with the king and she hit the hybern commanders darnagh and brannagh and she moves then to night court very slow as they both have poisoned her and lucien and so they go the long way to it and are attacked by lucien brothers when going through autum court and they move to the night court and comes and sees her sister cauldron-made and she feels sorry for what happened and they plan a meetimg to meet the highlords of all court to see the alliance for the war with the nybern king and makes the decision it and ask nesta to see if she can mend the wall as she is cauldron made and feyre yrains with cassian and azriel to strengthen her body and to use her wings and she asks the Bone carver to fight for them in war and at cost of bringing him the ouroboros mirror and to look into it and they prepare for the meeting with all the high lords to discuss about the war and alliance of them apart from keir and his army and IIlyrian army and feyre learns how to use flying and trains in fighting and elain was listening to voices and the hybern reached them in their library and attacked them to take nesta as she took the power of cauldron from it as she was downed into it and they are all to meet the creature of linrary called bryllaxis and inturn ask a company there and they dicover that cauldron made elain a seer to see things that others cannot know coming and hybern is attacking summer court too and so this is the start of the war and all high lords meet and so their is a long meeting between them and discussing about the war and alliance and Hybern used the cauldron to destroy the Wall and she bargains with the creature of library bryaxis and they go to the human land to elain’s engaged lover in his estate to tell them to help the humans who can make it to their house wall and sot he war is going to start with all preparing their armies and it is a part by part battle and in the end feyre unleashes the bone carver and the Weaver and bryaxis into the final battle for all and bome carver and weaver is killed by the king with his power and he has huge army and the high lords are low on it but there is a twist as feyre father energed with Vasa the lost queen and lucien with armies and fight for them and miryam ans drakon also are there with their armies and cassain battles the king and her father also tries and is killed by the king and nesta also kills him and Amren unleasher true ancient form with the help of the Book and breaks the cauldron and so the battle is over with Huge losses and rhysand nearly dies in joining the cauldron when he is saved by the lords as feyre elwas saved amd all say s good bye and go to their courts to recover from the battle and a last meeting is held and now amren is a high fae too and they all decide to hide the cauldron with miryam and drakon on their island and it is a well good ending..

Honest review this is the most awesome part of the series with the war and powers of feyre and rhysand and also the ancient creatures unleashed and the big grand war that forced all of the courts to unite as one to fight and a awesome story line and I like the character of rhysand the best and the commanders cassain and azriel and amazing magic and Fae with their powers and a sad part is the dying of all three sisters father and a heartbreak at that and a amazing story and hope you all like it and read the book..

hope you like the book and stay tuned to the blog for the last two parts of the series aand the novel is here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_U1QB6qK_-SEjYhC7SPe7ipWntIoc4R6/view?usp=drivesdk and foolow the blog and like comment and share

I Thought of writing a poem….#5

TIME never waits for anyone

time never waits for anyone to do the things

it goes away as it goes amd never stops and the people regret of not having time ror this,that etc

but it is foolish to speak as time never waits for you and will fly away and you have to keep the pace with it to achieve what you want

We wish that if time stops for us then we could have rdone many things but that is only possible in reel life not in reality

For achieving goals never wait for the time to come for doing something just do it because you don’t know how fast can the time go

what a nasty thing time is, it makes us happy at moments that we remember and even makes us regret for doing something.

IF this happens in future that all people start valuing the time and do the work in time i guess time will also make them flourish and the world will change a lot.

Time is infinite and it is the humans who have to live here and it depends on how many years they live according to their lifestyle

Beaware of time as it can change your life in moments and also perish you in moments.

So respect the time and value it and it will make you flourish and value you and always remember it.

Time never waits for anyone and goes how it wants and we all should value it and do things in time and do not blame it on time if not done and bring a change in yourself.

Hope you like the poem and stay tuned to this blog to read more awesome poems and novels and like comment and follow the blog….

A court of mist and fury by sarah j mass

As Feyre is reborn into immortal fae body by the powers of all seven high lords she is in love with tamlin and tamlin proposes her for wedding and the arrangements for it begins and ianthe high priestess takes care of rituals and clothes and there are parties and preparations going on for it and she tries to convince him to let her go with him outside but as lover he denies and so she is there waiting for the wedding and she also hates tamlin for keeping her in manor house and not allowing her to move around with him and so the wedding comes near with tithe and a tragic thing happens remember the bargain with rhysand he calls for that and so feyre is going with him for one week and tamlin is very angry over it but feyre called for someone to take her away and rhysand came in for the bargain and so she goes with him to the Night Court and he welcomes her there and she finds it beautiful and she is a guest there and living in a luxury room and he tells her to learn read and write and also shielding her mind from him and her week end’s with shielding and writing and he tolds her about upcoming war and the powers that she might have (given life by all seven high lords) and she could be useful in war by discovering the powers she has. She come back and tell tamlin about what rhysand said about the powers and tamlin refused it and said there us no need to train and again she pleased him to take her with him but he denies and and put a shield around the house trapping her inside and saying no and the risk of taking her and she gest very angry and she uses winnowing to go to rhysand and she is damn angry with tamlin to keep her inside the house with shields and rhysand helps her by bringing her to night court and living there and she is grateful for that and goes with him to see the city of starlight and she meets cassian and mor and azriel and amren and she agrees to work with him to help in upcoming war and learn to use her powers and they have to find a book of bindings to stop the king of hybern to use cauldron power and they all work on that as well now feyre is living in night court and practising her powers and living with the them and she has a family now with them to live and she trains with cassian and rhysand to learn to control her powers as well as hand to hand combact and searching for the book of bindings to stop the king of hybern and so they are invited to summer court and they go there to get the half of the book and get back home and talk with tarquin about ally in the war and they steal the book half from from summer court while feyre improves her powers with rhysand and eventually they fall in love with each other she becomes the member of his court and all waiting for the meeting with the queens and amren learning the language of the book and they live together and do the training of her powers as well as show her the IIlyrian war camp and his life story he tells her and they train and while doing that some people attacked them and hurted rhysand badly and she comes and take out the ash arrows on his wings and winnow them to velaris and ask the suriel for the cure and she is now rhysand’s mate and High lady of tue night court and she loves him very much and now she is his mate and equal and they go to hybern to nullify the cauldron but are captured by jurian and the king and tamlin helps them in that and her sisters are made of cauldron and a bargain with the four queens and also she helps to take out the wards and help rhysand to take them out and she goes with tamlin and tamlin breaks the bargain under the mountain and is fooled by feyre and rhysand and now she isn spring court and he is in his home and she is now a spy as well as high lady of night court and ianthe betrayed tamlin and that is why her sisters are nade into immortals and one queen doesn’t becomes fair looked one rather a croned old lady and that how it ends and with feyre and rhysabd together and feyre fooling tamlin to live with him and make him pay for what he did . https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_UcDbyTjYdFwuoCAIWlikMmjemsBpZNV/view?usp=drivesdk

Hope you like the novel and read this part and stay tuned to this blog for the series to come and honest review of mine it is one of the best series i have read and the character of feyre and rhysand is awesome and best matched and amazing adventure and magic series and like comment and share and foolow the blog.

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