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As seen bloggers doing it and it is good to round up monthly to let know followers if they missed any updates so i am also adding this post to my blog contents from now on. So this month went another successful month for novels around thr world blog posting 5 posts and completing with 400 views and 30 followers and great appreciation from bloggers and some of you would have miseed the posts check it here and 3. 5. here and the completion of Throne of glass series reviews and poem and it was a rainy month here in india and I like doing blogging and it is fun and reading blogs. So thank you everyone for making novels around the world succesful and hope you all are safe and enjoying your lives.

6 months of blogging !!!!!

Thank you my fellow bloggers for the views and appreciating and liking this blog today novels around the world completed 6 months of it successfully with 350+views and 100 likes and it was a real good exploring blogs and seeing poems and stories and it was a great time 6 months and i enjoyed it a lot and more to come here and thank you all for making it successful and i enjoyed posting and seeing different bloggers and it is a good community and it is fun to see stories and poems of different people their ideas i liked it all and thanks to all of you again for appreciation and stay tuned to this blog for more updates and posts.

Last part of throne of glass series :kingdom of ash

hope you all read the series of this book as it comes to an end with this book


As aelin is trapped by maeve,lysandra is wearing the skin of her so that they can gather forces in the name of aelin to fight the valg army and all have parted ways as manon and dorian with the thirteenth are in the wastes to find the third wrydkey and also crochans to find allies as she is tue last crochan queen and to call for aid and here elide and gavreil and rowan with lorcan are going from places searching for maeve people to find aelin and rowan and elide with lorcan moves towards akkadia to find aelin in its capital where they could find her and free her. Chaol and yrene are married and with the aarmy of khagan in support they travel with sartaq and go towards the place to fight with aelin but don’t know that she has been captured and they travel to terrasen for the war with0 erawan and here dorian makes plan to go to morath to find the third key to seal the gate and the sacrifice of magic it will take and with manon he goes as they found a stygrian shifter spider who took life from that falkan. chaol and yrene head towards anielle as they got report that erawan will attack it and they go for its help and dorian and manon has found the crochans and are attacked by the other coven and nox owen (read the first part of series ) finds out that lysandra is just playing like aelin to gather forces to bring down morath and he helps her becuse he is a friend of aelin and royal bloodline and here chaol come to anielle to warn his father of erawan and ready the city for its attack and asks him for evacuation. Rowan plays a smart game by spreading a humour of capture of a valg prince and wrydstone collar and she goes for buying and fell for the game and thereby making way for rowan and his friends to find aelin and rescue her and meet the allied people aedion and lysandra. Dorian learns the shifting magic to go to morath to find the third key andd take it to lock the wrydgate and finally aelin is free with the cost of fenrys helping her and she runstowards the exit and meet lorcan and she is free and all others kill the other guards for her and at last the queen is free and they move towards terrasen while hoping to meet others join in for the war against maeve and for aelin to seal all the gates and manon and crochans fly to terrasen for war and dorian going to morath to retrieve the key and aelin and rowan with elide and lorcan head towards terrasen and aelin trains to be back in shape for war and declaring rowan as his mate and they meet chaol and yrene in anielle to fight the valg army and move towards terrasen. So aelin joins the field in to defeat valg in anielle whereas it is revealed that real aelin was not there amongst soldiers in orynth fighting and they get defeated due to it and aedion regrets all of these and now becomes a common soldier without a rank and Manon is crowned as queen of witches with her crown restored and her grandmother and blueblood matron flee from fighting her. So the battle is waged in anielle and all find out what aelin can do with her power and she saves the soldiers of khagan and elide and lorcan with her power and all of her court fights with the khagan soldiers to defeat the valg and gather army to move towards terrasen. So the khagan has agreed with them to move north to fight with her in terrasen and all of khagan army is here and they have to battle valg army throught he ferrian gap and then they can meet manon in terrasen for the final war with maeve and aelin helps them in it and dorian has learned fats the shifter magic and goes to Morath in the place to find the third key and take it and come back to terrasen to forge the lock with aelin and he sees that maeve is also here and he caught him spying and he plays a dangerous game with her of being allying with her for what he wants from erawan so through the white fangs people chaol and the khagan army march towards north and here dorian is able to shift into differnt forms and check the tower of morath for key that erawan is having and maeve helps by building an alliance with the help of her spiders with erawan and He does it with his mind that he used to trap maeve into believing that she wanted to and took the key from erawan that he hide within a girl like katlian and he goes from there crashing the towers to pay for wjat erawan did to his love and his father and manon has reached aedion in orynth as a queen and to fight with aedion to defeat the army amd help them and whereas manon and thirteenth fight the ironteeth witches and the thirteenth sacrifice themselves to save the city from the witch tower and they make the yielding and destroy it and save it. dorian escapes from morath and meets aelin and her army in the way to terrasen together and he has all three of them now and now to decide upon the forging the lock and they make their way to forge the lock together dorian and aelin does it together before going to terrasen to fight the final war and they forge it with their power and finally put the keys and make their way to terrasen and the sacrifice is paid aelin’s mortal life and now she is immortal fae and no more that fire bringer but now a fae and here aedion and manon and aelin reaches terrasen at last the queen has returned to her palace to face tue valg army and defeat maeve and erawan and make a better world and so their army batyles their way through the valg army and prince and they keep fighting until maeva and erawan are here atvlast and aelin fight them adn the final battle for terraeen and aelin battles them both and erawan went for the healer yrene bit is trapped and killed by them adn yrene and dorian does it with their power together thay remove the valg and now maeve uses her power to create illusions in their mind and aelin overcomes and together they all finish the valg queen and the final battle is over and all are here in the castle back home and aelin is crowned as the queen of terrasen and with rowan and her court and lysandra and elide with there titles and chaol in adarlan as the hand to the king and there comes an end to the grat series everyone and read the book and follow the blog and like comment and share it.

I thought of writing a poem……#2

hello everyone!!!! i thought of writing a poem on nature as it provides us with us with useful things a tribute to it.


Nature surrounds us everywhere

it existed long before humans were born

It gives us useful things which supports life

it teaches us values like never give up attitude

providing us witth beauty of its oceans and sky

that all us enjoy but beware!!! humans it tells us when

we don’t care for it and all the natural calamities happen

it provides us with medicines and other things for usage

but it also demnds care like a child and makes time to

time awareness amongst us to care for it not only just

use it so we all should be thankful to it and enjoy it

Enjoyed the post?? like comment and let me know of your views and follow the blog and share it

7th Part of Throne of Glass series :Tower of Dawn

As aelin is trapped and captured by maeve here as you all know chaol got badly hurt in the destruction of the king’s castle by dorian and aelin and he is taken to antica for two purpose:making alliance with the king as well as get healed by one of the healers of the tower as it is called and there he goes and wishing everything is ok with dorian and other people but know nothing about it and Nesryrn is the captain of the royal guard and she visits antica for two reasons one her family hails from antica nad other as the captain of the royal guard and there they meet the khagan whom during chaol healing have to manage to convince them to join the war with aelin galanthyuis and fight for a better world after. They both had knowledge of the king and his son and daughter and related to it and they just have to convince the khagan for coming. There also it is a bad situation as the youngest daughter of khagan died weeks ago and the prince suspects foul play in it as his younger sister would not have done that and Yrene is asked by hafiza to heal chaol’s injuries and help him and a argument is done and yrene agrees to heal him despite what adarlanian soldiers did to her family long ago and yrene also sees first time injuries like of chaol and yrene starts the process of healing chaol while Nesryrn is going out and meeting her family here after a long time and while Nesryrn is out with that yrene learns about the spine injury and the dark power of valg that hit that portion and yrene thinks and does research on that how to heal him and how to deal with the dark wound in the spine and she begins the healing as well as exercise to keep his lower body active and then a healer from the torre is found dead by yrene and she asks chaol about the valg and how do they kill their prey and whole torre is on alert due to that death and they both find who has done while he recovers and yrene tells chaol to help her train her alocyltes and she does a big mistake of that and she do healing of his spine and faces the dark thing in his scar on spine and she tells him about her mother burned alive by adarlian soldiers and what happened to her and did the healing process and chaol has asked Nesryrn to look for valg in the city in the night and Nesryrn is enjoying her time with prince sartaq and chaol also progreas in his movements of legs and is able to ride a well saddled horse and joined yrene in the city tour and helping some other patients befoer going to the party in the palace and they are more then just patient and a healer and they become friends though yrene is asked by hasar to get to know about aelin location currently and chaol told her just near of it kind of guessed but he doesn’t know the truth that maeve has captured her and yrene all the things that chaol didn’t want her to know about the wrydkeys and the gate and kings and they talk on it and and chaol warns her to hide the books she learnt the knowledge and he cares for her and he talks to her about his life what it has been and there a attack happens on yrene while she was coming back from treating chaol and this confirms that valg is also present in antica and chaol saves her in time and kashin takss care of the security and went in search of the demon and all are on alert mean while Nesryrn grow close to sartaq and flies with him to mountains and she grows fond of him and yrene and chaol search on valg in antica library and Nesryrn is welcomed in tavan mountains and meets with sartaq blood-sister and hearth-grandmother and there she stays for three weeks and falkan merchant (read the first part of the series) is here and deals with silk coming from stygrian spider and there they find them as he has come back for his life back and also the spider is waiting for maeve to call them as it is their queen and sartaq also finds about them as their his grandmother tells him and together Nesryrn and sartaq go to see the watchtowers of fae long built and see if any info on kharankhui and falkan is a shape shifter and they together killed one of the kharankhui that had followed them and they return backto their place and the mirqcle healing by yrene worked well as chaol is healed and can walked and they fell in love with eqch during theier time and both confess it and go out on lyrene’s birthday party in oasis and mean while here sartaq and Nesryrn look for the rukhs hatchling and having battle with them and here chaol celebrate yrene birthday and find about other things and sartaq and Nesryrn fights with the spiders with all thhe rukhds riders and defeat them as Nesryrn now knows who is maeve really the queen of fae more powerful than imaginable and here when chaol and yrene return to the palace to dicover something from scrolls their roomsc have been trashed by someone who knew they have it and Yrene finds a way to heal completely the dark power that caused the spine injury of chaol and she heals it all at once together and they are in love that you can imagine and chaol can walk now newly healed and also they also find about who was doing all the valg attack on yrene as gifted healer and it was duva who doing it and so they figjt her and neutralised the valg within and chaol took the dark impact leaving his body shattered but yrene paid a great cost of a soul bond a thread of life flowing into two of them and all save that and yrene heals duva also ans together they are married and convince the khagan to join the war at his side and this is a vey happy ending read the book and follow the blog and read the novel and like and comment

I thought of writing a Poem….


A wish Granted By God himself

It descends from heavens itself

and it melts the heart of people

and make the trees come alive

and the sweet smell of sand

the sound of raindrops on roofs

Gives a break from Sunshime and

and it shall stop and A bright sunshine greets us

Rain makes the nature and its people happy and

enlightened our mind and gives water to mother earth

then it goes and makes the way for another heaven called Winter

first time attempting a poem share your views in the comments like share and follow the blog

6th Part of Throne of Glass series Empire Of Storms

As aelin and dorian destroyed the king and now he is the new new king of adarlan and so aelin and her court march towards orynth and with the magic released by her and dorian they move toward aedion’s legion to meet Lord ren and darrow and his father and here in morath Matron sees the destroyed part of morath and commands manon to destroy and take back rithfold from dorian as he is defenseless and also sends the iskra yellolegs for the task and in orynth when they rech there darrow disregard as the rightful queen of terrasen and they leave for skull bay island where as they get word that ironteeth witches will attack rithfold she sends rowan to secure the prince and rowan does it and go toward skull bay island where aelin is headed and leave evangline with ren and together she lysandra and aedion leave from there. elide is running from morath and then lorcan strongest fae comes behind her and kind of protect her from the valg beasts that can kill her and he keeps her safe and she is to find aelin for katlian. After dealing with darrow and disagreement she frees the temple that was rightful of her by birth by killing all the soldiers with her magic and aedion help amd meets brannon and also a shadow of erawan in a soldier who threatens and even attacked her and they move quickly from there and she has to reach to towan as erawan threatened him and she will protect him and rowan and dorian sails to dead island where aelin is also headed and they will meet their to deal with rolfe and mycenaries. Here as Manaon learns about her grandmother and as manon killed yellowlegs sentinel so blood is paid by blood and matron orders exceution of her second there a secret is revealed that Manon is not a blackbeak but the last crochan queen matron killed her mother and hided the secret and manon and her thirteen . goes from there and Rowan and dorian reached the island and there je gets to meet two of his former cadre and he asks rolfe to join the cause and discuss as Maeve is preparing her armada and they have a lot to discuss about war which will come up while lorcan and elide passes their way together with a deal between them and continue their journey to meet aelin which elide wants to do. So at last all of them reach skull island to get rolfe alliance in the war that is coming and brannon gave another task to find the lock of the wrydgate and seal it and she plans for it as well for the war and gathering allies to fightback and aedion will meet his father known as lion of the North gavreil and there is a lot to discuss and maybe manon will side with them with her troops. They all get a bad news as eight sheeps are sailing towards the island and they plan for the attack and enter the starting of the war with that and rolfe helps them in return of land and title of lord and helps them with his ship and they all go into the battle and aelin is going to batyle for people to give them a better world afterwards . The battle begins with aelin unleashing her power on the ships and then lysandra as a sea dragon wrecking every ship and aedion and dorian protecting the shore and together all the ships are destroyed and it was a win with a loss of soldiers in the figjt and there after she reveals to dorian that she had been carrying the wrydkey since wendlyn and told him his ancestor story and plans for looking for the lock to seal the wrydgate and gather other allies and asks the dead elena spirit to her her questions about the lock and daenna coming that time and other stuff to know about and then manon who has escaped her matron knowing her truth of life descended on the ship on which aelin and her friends and from there they all go together and here elide and lorcan save their lives from ilken atttack and she doesn’t know katlian gave her the 2nd wrydkey for aelin and she moves her way to meet her and aelin reaches ellywe just to witness that it was dead before she reached by unknown darkness swept the village and she burns the village in vengeance and manon hopes her thirteenth are alive just like she is and at last after a attack of ilken they all meet each other aelin still knows elide from her face and she giver her the 2nd wrydkey and elide is joined with her court of terrasen and manon continue to go with them to find her thirteenth and here comes the ansel of the briacliff (read the first part of series) and so there is a army and they all together go to war with Maeve and what is there in morath and there is the great war with maeve full of magic and steel fighting and killing but maeve has more fleet than aelin full of magic soldiers immortal also and they all fight against them and itbis a long battle as maeve army is in greater numbers and they all fight with their power and while aelin and manon are sent across a place through the mirror to find how to wield the keys and the way to seal the lock and she learns many things and ultimaye sacrifice of her power to seal the new lock of the wrydgate and when she returns to real world she encounters the Queen of fae and this time rowan is late to save her as she is captured by maeve and manon saves the keys for her and mmaeve disappears from there and not a trail left behind and rowan search for her after recovering and maeve also takes fenrys with her and gone and so they all leave to search for aelin with the help of manon and her thirteen and Be sure to read the book for uncoverinv whole story

100 views for the Blog

Thank you all the bloggers to visit my blog 100 view to my blog in 4 months 10 posts till now and it is good as there are not my novel readers around and i appericiate your views and follow my blog and ot was good 4 month time and i entered into a new place of talking and expressing your thoughts and i liked it thank you everybody for your views and do not forget to follow the blogCheers to 100 views

5th Part of Throne of Glass Series

Aelin ashyver galanthyuis returns her old place where she started and worked as a assassin after learning the truth of the king about valg demons and she meets her former master king of assassins Abronym and makes a deal with him and mean while she was in wendlyn learning her history and magic a lot has changed here in Rithfold and her friend Chaol gathers people for a rebellion and she found about the wrydkeys and the third one is with her former master and her cousin is in great danger as he is in prison and she plans to rescue him from there and dorian the prince has also raw magic in his veins and probably possessed by valg demon and Manon blackbeak is the wingleader and heir to the blackwitch clan and her grandmother is allying with duke perington and here aelin is planning to rescue her cousin as well as the prince by working with her friends and chaol and meeting up an old friend and rescuing aedion with help of abronym as well as planning to kill him for killing Sam and trying to free magic and she rescues and did the deal with former master and trying find the dorian back as he is possessed by valg demon and lorcan one of strongest fae male alive with rowan whitehorn is tracking aelin and rowan comes to her in rithfold and killing th valg and finding out their places done by chaol and his friends and while they are meeting and moving around and getting info abou the valg dorian is fighting the demon inside him and the duke is breeding the witch with valg demon to create demons and creatures for army and elide is doing spy for manon to be alive there and aelin and her friends make plans to get the amulet of orynth and as well as kill abronynn and end it all by going to the dinning he invited them and the great abronynn is killed in night by lysandra and the next aelin is called and all the drama is here and aelin inherits all the things from abronynn the guild the house and money there friend lysandra is kidnapped by king and they all go to her rescue and get in fight with the witches and they rescue her and they escaped from them and they do one big thing freeing magic and dorian free himself from the valg and together they charge on the king of adarlan and destroy him and the valgs as lorchan also joined the fight and a Epic novel read the book for full story and comment and like and follow my blog link for the book enjoy it

Throne of glass series :Part 3

This is the 3rd part of the throne of glass series as i posted 4th part earlier and in this part caelena has met elena the ancient queen of fae and fulfilled her demand of becoming the king’s champion and she although is a assassin but she doesn’t kill the people assign to her as chaol finds out that and he sends her to wendlyn to keep her safe from king and there she discovers maeve her aunt and learns more about her heritage of aelin ashyver galanthyuis and meant to be queen and she trains there in her powers and falls in love with the prince rowan. she in the end unveils her identity as aelin galanthyuis queen of terrasen and though she is the king’s champion she doesn’t kill the people whom king tell and fake their death and a princess nehemua has come to the kingdom and they both become deep friends and read and talk and nehemia tells her about magic and wrydmarks that can be used to summon dark forces and she suspects the king and she learns the language of it and nehemia is killed and she threatens to kill chaol and killed one of her competitor who she suspects in the killing of her and choal also finds abou the truth of calena and sends her to wendlyn for her journey to find about herself. she tolds chaol about her fake killing and take interest in the prince dorian and chaol and it is a epic novel and read it and comment and personally i say it is one of the amazing novels that i have read so read it and like it and follow the blog.

Sequel Of the Throne of Glass series

This novel talks about caelena who is not really caelena as it was a fake name that she carried as a assassin all these years and when Chaol, the captain of the king royal guard discovers her truth. He sent her to wendlyn and there she meet with Maeve-on of the three Fae Queens and her aunt and their see discovers her magic and practice it with a Prince name Rowan Whitehorn and she practice her magic and live with new friends and fell in love with Rowan and found out about her past and then Freed Rowan of Maeve and together they leave Wendlyn and here in the Prince dorian find out his own powers of Ice magic and fell in love with a healer but she was killed by his father and he finds his father’s truth and protect Chaol and destroy the king. Manon’s grandmother serves the king and so Manon also and the king needs riders for his wyverns which are bred deadly creatures and there are three witch all assembled in the Ferian Gap of the mountain and all witches select their wyverns and do the crossing and they scout the land after the mountains and crossing. Read the novel to know the whole interesting and epic adventure story.

second part of throne of glass series

After a year of slavery in the Salt Mines of Endovier, Celaena Sardothien was accustomed to being
escorted everywhere in shackles and at sword-point. Most of the thousands of slaves in Endovier
received similar treatment—though an extra half-dozen guards always walked Celaena to and from
the mines. That was expected by Adarlan’s most notorious assassin. What she did not usually
expect, however, was a hooded man in black at her side—as there was now. caelena gets captured in the kingdom of adarlan and fights in a competition to gain her freedom and become’s king’s champion and she make friends in the process and she is sent out on her first mission in the next book and she discovers some strange things called wrydmarks and she gets to know more by her friend name nehemia Read the book and like and comment and follow the blog for more exciting novels

A new novel of a great series

this novel talks about a girl who is a assassin and works for a master and end in the salt mines in the ending and her friend got murdered here is the link enjoy and tell me about it in comments nd like and follow the blog

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