I thought of writing a poem…#49

Walking down the street in the night

It was late at night and he was walking back to his house after work.

He suddenly saw 2 people going towards a dark alley, he wondered whether to go.

He thought that its dark and he should go home but he sees a man flying to the alley.

He thought that he should after a hard day today and goes but again he sees a bright light confusing him.

He clears his head and finally goes towards the alley and check on it.

As he was going, he felt that the alley was calling to him and when he reached the starting of it.

He could not believe what he saw there as there people performing magic and seems to be calling someone.

By the time he could understand the night and the place, he was gone from the alley,his clothes changed and to a different world.

when he saw his clothes, he was surprised to see them and when he saw where he was, he woke up to the real world of his house.

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